Be A Scout! Join the next great search engine. (Coming in ) is a new search engine designed to provide human-curated, organic, authentic crowd-sourced and up-voted and all around better results. We're anti-Bot and anti-AI and believe it's cool to be human, and important to have acute memory and taste of your own.
We believe in organic results and human curation. Not bots or AI.
Scout is working towards human curation and an index affected by authentic results.
Organic search.
No filter bubbles or tracking.
Always moving towards open source.
Search engine technology is not at the end but on the edge of the frontier and we need explorers. Join us. Be a Scout. Something new is about to start here. When it does, what number Scout will you be? Sign up now to get your account.
Perfecting privacy is our goal. Our business model calls for users to understand that the "Free" business model is the gateway for ads on the web. And ads are the gateway for privacy issues. We have a low-cost subscriber model for $10/yearly. Users with an account can also earn rewards for their participation in improving search results by curating, reviewing, and voting on results and answers.